IMC Team

Team IMC is the culmination of the vision and service goals set forth by our founders, Philip Gabbard and Ulysses Alvarado.

"This team lives into every dream Uly and I had when we created inMEDIAto Media Consultants. Our clients love them all because they shine with creativity, integrity and passion everyday!"

-Philip Gabbard

"Our company has always been about the people and the relationships we create. Our team simply inspires me and it fuels our continued success."

-Ulysses Alvarado


Philip Gabbard Founder
Ulysses Alvarado Founder
Lizet Serrano VP of Operations
Ramiro Garcia Radio Producer
Michael Hernandez Web Project Manager
Nidia Holguin Account Manager
Tania Peregrino Creative Director
Felipe R. Cano Music/T.V. Director/Producer
Marco Rebatta T.V. Line Producer

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